Rich Wiles is a socially-engaged artist whose practice centres around a collaborative approach to documentary photography. His work explores social issues of our times, often focussing of notions of 'home' and 'identity' in different contexts. Wiles' work has been widely exhibited internationally, recognised in various awards and published in the international media and photographic press.

Wiles was based in Palestine for many years where he produced both long-form documentary projects and participatory projects with young refugees.

Having returned to the UK in 2016, Rich Wiles' most recent projects attempt to blur the boundaries between these strands to create documentary work with collaborative elements. This approach attempts to raise questions about photographic power dynamics and authorship.

In 2017, Wiles began to collaborate with a Syrian family who had recently arrived in the UK. This work led to several exhibitions (under the work-in-progress title 'Ongoing Journeys')  and the development of an interactive educational platform (www.ongoingjourneys.com) which is now being used in institutes of secondary and further education. 

In early 2020, Rich Wiles was commissioned by Impressions Gallery, with the support of Arts Council England, to develop new collaborative work with the family. This work is ongoing and 'In Which Language Do We Dream?' will launch at Impressions Gallery, Bradford, in May 2021, before touring nationally.



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